A business card is not just a social object; it's a form of schwag

The new business cards have arrived…. Very cool.

I’ve been saying this for years- a business card is not just “content”, is not just “personal details”. A business card is not just a social object; it’s a form of schwag, if you think about it.

So you have to treat it like that; you have to think to yourself, “How are people going to interact with this, when I hand it out?”

Not rocket science. Just common sense.

[Check out the new gapingvoid startup: Social Object Factory]


  1. Nice ! I luv the rounded corners and the message on the bottom. Also interesting – you place the content vertically instead of horizontally. This slightly disturbs the way a person normally looks at a business card.

    Was that your purpose ?

    • Ummm… the logo would need to be pretty small if we were to make the card horizontal 😀

      Anyway, there’s no law saying business cards have to be a certain way. It’s just convention, born out of convenience, necessity, economy and design.

      • I was just interested in your choice of doing it this way. One has to break the mold if you want to stand out today, so, you’re doing it, nice.

  2. A few years ago I had business cards made that were see-through plastic. Very cool. Except every other time I gave them to someone they complained that they couldn’t write on them (I guess to put where we met or something). After a while I couldn’t take it anymore so I got rid of them and went for a more conventional paper but with a cooler design.

  3. Business card is another form on how you market yourself to others. It’s a good factor that your business card should also indicate your personality but applying the same principles in creating it so that there’s a lot of chance that a person or people who receive your business card will keep it.

  4. When you wrote that you are doing business cards, I assumed they will be pretty good. But you have stumped me, these are so awesome! I love the colors.

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  6. Business card is another way to sell your business. Its a very good idea to link it with your characteristics!!

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