Having Serious Fun :D

Using cartoons to communicate about serious subjects is always an interesting challenge- and one that we deal with every day.

Where is the line that can’t be crossed? How do we communicate about something serious in a way that is memorable, whimsical, makes a point but isn’t frivolous?

We’ve proven 1000 times that cartoons are some of the most effective pieces of communication in existence – and we’ve been playing with animating my cartoons for some time, so when the folks at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security contacted us, we thought, “Hey, why not do a little animation about ‘enterprise security…?”

Let’s face it, enterprise security is pretty dry stuff. Their customers are governments and giant corporations… perfect for a whimsical little animation about finding risk — kinda Pac Man-ish, it makes the point: You need help identifying all the risks to your data centers. With the nemo­nic bino­cu­lars (repre­sen­ting HP’s Enterprise Security Platform), one is able to see the big pic­ture threats, and the threat levels they represent.

I love the little HP geek with the poc­ket pro­tec­tor. I dunno, it just works, somehow. Also check out the logo for our new venture at the very end.

Onwards and Upwards! #VeryExciting.


  1. Factory ? Now you’re on expansion, Hugh, luv it !

    Cool cartoon – it’s awesome to see your stuff animated now !
    I hope to see more of that soon – it’s the next step in creative cartoon revolution !

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