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We’ve all failed at some point or another in our lives, but the question is always; “what do you come away with?”

For me, it always inspired me to do better, somehow. I never gave up. So this kind of adversity-induced inspiration sorta became my “muse” after a while.
I’m getting to the age where the kids I grew up with who “Never made a mistake” are starting to plateau careerwise.

“Doing everything right” meant only dealing with known quantities, known outcomes, the opportunities of the unknown were never embraced.

None of them became cartoonists, that’s for damn sure…


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  2. Hi Hugh,
    I just finsihed reading your book Ignore Everybody today and totally love it. Can relate to a lot of the things you mentioned in the book and yes, I’ve spent years of my life wanting to ‘live my dream’ but in the end, can to the reality of it all. Blogging part time had been my joy away from the daily work grunt.