Why "Only connect" is my favorite marketing strategy.

Thanks to Chris for sending me this photo, via Twitter.

The gapingvoid Valentine print he ordered, just as he was opening the box. A delighted customer, so it seems. Hurrah!

I love getting stuff like this from people, and not just because “Social Proof is the new marketing” yada, yada, yada.

As artists and/or marketers and/or business people, it’s not enough to just think about the money and the ROI. We need to know that we “connected”, somehow. Deeply so, sometimes.

Or else we just become very dull, making very dull stuff for very dull people, living very dull lives.

Which except for the occasional faceless corporation, is not much of a sustainable business model.

E.M. Forster’s very famous advice to aspiring authors had a mere two words: “Only connect.”

Exactly. In both art and business.

Only connect.

Think about it.