Greeting Cards… Now Unavailable At gapingvoid!

I love this. A gapingvoid greeting card, newly printed, the finest inks on on the finest card stock yada, yada, yada.

No, we’re not selling them anytime soon. We sent them out to everybody who ordered one of our “Love Prints” in time for Valentine’s Day etc etc.

How do you make something ubiquitous seem valuable to people? A nice greeting card, for example? Something that you normally can find in any shopping mall for the price of a cup of coffee?

By making it scarce. Exactly. Special. Exactly. By making it NOT available in any shopping mall, by making it NOT for sale, at any price (within reason). Exactly.

Early on, Jason (my business partner these last eight years) and I figured out that gapingvoid would probably NEVER BE big and mainstream, a-la Dilbert or Doonesbury.

So there was NO POINT doing the same marketing as Dilbert or Doonesbury. Or anybody else, for that matter.

Like ol’ Steve said, think different.



  1. Oh wow, I love this too! An uber Social Object everyone can look at, few can hold.

    Thank you for sharing your world, it *helps* those of us wandering around in the dark, finding our way with rays of light.

    At this rate, we might wear out our new printer creating stuff. Cheers, -Steve