A Generation Ago





  1. I’d argue that artists still need NYC (for inspiration). Your drawings from your time struggling in NYC are your best. I doubt many of them would have been created sitting in some shitty bar in Milwaukee, WI.

  2. Totally agree with you Chris. Inspiration and “real” experience in a geographical place creates so much more than staring at a screen.

    If all we needed was the internet, eventually we would all be a mass of porn watching social network junkie retards. Internet is awesome, when served with that other thing called “Get the out of your chair and do something other than drool into your keyboard”.

  3. The internet is a medium for inspired people; it is the vehicle, not the driver. I find inspiration here all the time and I have never once felt the need or desire to find it looking at porn. Speak for yourself.

    As for NY, I grew up there. In the 60’s and 70’s it was the ONLY place for an artist to be. THEN it turned into a big shit hole full of pseudo-intellectual life-hating shit heads. And all shit attracts is flies.

    A person can live an awesome, challenging, spiritual, artistic life wherever he is. Open your minds, guys.

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