All Products Are Conversations

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As the great Doc Searls famously wrote in The Cluetrain, “markets are conversations”. So it stands to reason that products are, as well.

Products OF a dialogue.

Products ARE a dialogue.

How you talk to your customers affects how your products get made. Of course they do. Tony Hsieh of Zappos understands this very well. In molecular terms, his company is little more a call centre and a warehouse full of shoes. But it is the social interaction which makes the company rock.

The social dynamic.

The conversation.



  1. Nicely said – and drawn. Products enable us to communicate through our stories which is even greater when we finally find our captive audience.

  2. When you grow old, you may find the time you thought you were wasting was the most important part…..of course, it may also depend on how you wasted it.

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  5. welcome to the New Thought Movement…Hugh, 21st century style – kinda weird thinking that one day people might consider you in a similar vein to Wallace D Wattles ;O

  6. Love this post. I’ve been feeling a similar sentiment. My favorite part of every cartoon I draw is the conversation.