This is my message from TED Global: "ALL ART IS SMALL ART"

I’m at Ted Global, on behalf of, Dewar’s Whisky.

I’m drawing tons of cartoons, based on my experiences here.

To be honest, there’s so much fantastic stuff here, coming at me at 200 mph, it’s hard to keep up with it in real time. It’s a good problem to have, I would say…


1. You can follow the action is pretty easily. Just follow #TEDglobal and #dewarsted on Twitter.

2. This is my message from TED Global: “ALL ART IS SMALL ART”. Big, important stuff is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS preceded by small moments of genius. Watch all the TED videos if you don’t believe me. All the world’s great human-caused tragedies (not to mention, all failed expensive marketing campaigns) were caused when the people in charge tried to bypass the small stuff and go straight for the big stuff. Five Year Plan, Comrade? Great Leap Forward, Comrade?

3. And this is also my message fro Dewar’s: “ALL ART IS SMALL ART”. All great marketing starts that way. And more importantly, stays that way.

Rock and roll…


  1. Hello Hugh. And a big hurrah for your pursuit of unifying work and love. I have been passionate about this for a long time, with my passion spurred on by seeing so many beautiful, smart people treated like rubbish. Thanks to the ignorance or arrogance of management they are treated with disdain and left to rot – their souls crushed. My personal protest has been the creation of the blog: My only hope is that it might give people some ideas of how they can make their work places and lives brighter (with or despite their managers). I hope it can keep them in touch with their humanity, and all the lovely things that brings with it. I hope you have a hoot at TED (she says turning green with envy) and I look forward to following your journey! Kindest regards, Belinda

  2. ooo man Hugh,

    it must be awesome to experience TED right on the spot, I’m going to be there in the near future.

    “ALL ART IS SMALL ART” interesting concept. I try to see the practical side of that – going ´back to your global micro brand concept. It has never been so awesome to be small – and “small” artwork can have BIG effects thanx through the internet !