To my jaded veteran blogger friends: Get over yourselves.

People think that blogging has changed a lot in the last few years, far from the heady early blogging days of 2000-2005 etc etc.

Hmmm. Maybe. Certainly having things like Twitter and Facebook make it easier for people to natter to each other without having to write continual blog posts first… the latter is certainly time consuming, and people are already way too busy.

Actually, the business model for gapingvoid hasn’t changed very much over time. I can only handle so many projects at one time- a dozen at the most. So as a way of generating business, I only need enough readers to attract one new possible collaborator every so often.

Which works out to be how much? Maybe one out of ten thousand readers. Or something.

Whatever the final numbers might be, compared to the ad-driven blogs like Gawker or Techcrunch, they’re relatively small ones. And Thank God for that, “Audience” is a bitch.

And then there is the fun of drawing and posting cartoons on the blog. In business terms, that really can’t be measured. All that can do is create good karma. But I enjoy it immensely so what the hell… same is true for the daily newsletter cartoons.

I keep hearing the same complaint a lot these days. That blogging isn’t as much fun or as interesting as it used to be. It used to be subversive. It used to be cutting edge. Now it’s mainstream and boring. That kinda thing.

To my jaded veteran blogger friends: Get over yourselves. Blogging hasn’t changed, you have. What’s happening on the Internet isn’t important; What’s important is that the world knows how you intend to change it. Right here. Right now.

Same as it ever was…