gapingvoid Is Basically A Little Social Object Factory….

[One of my more successful Social Objects” of late: The SXSW t-shirt I did for my client, Rackspace. We printed 3,200 of them, and they all went REALLY quickly. The just FLEW off the table. It was stunning to watch…]

I’ve been talking about Social Objects for a while now. And using cartoons to create social objects i.e. “Cube Grenades” is the main way I make a living.

Whatever your social media strategy is, it needs the object. It needs that thing that people socialize around.

Because people socialize around objects-  a product, an idea, a movement, a person- people don’t socialize in a vacuum.

Creating cartoons is my way of creating social objects, but of course, there are other ways.

gapingvoid is basically  a little Social Object factory….


  1. Humour is one of the most powerful ingredients to a social object. A joke is a special commodity that generates as much reward in the giving as the getting. It’s no surprise that the evangelist for social objects is a cartoonist. One of the most powerful social objects of my youth (and lives on today decades latter) is Monty Python.