"unifying work and love": the first #evilplans salon- downtown miami, 7.30pm, wednesday, 23rd march

[The #sxswCares logo I did at SXSW in aid of the Japanese Tsunami etc…].

“South-By” is pretty much over for the year. So what’s next?

gapingvoid is having its first “Evil Plans” salon on Wednesday evening, the 23rd of March at 7.30pm, just under a week from now. Downtown Miami.

It will be limited to 15 people. The theme of the evening will be “Unifying work and love”, a subject very dear to pretty much every gapingvoid reader alive.

If you’re in town that evening and want to attend, please RSVP  my business partner, Jason Korman, for a slot: jtkorman@gmail.com. He’ll send you the details. Thanks.

This is going to be the start of something- something big, I hope. As much as I love SXSW, it’s gotten too big, Austin is too far away and it’s only on once a year.

I want to do something cool in Miami, about once a month. Something meaningful. Something where the cool kids can hang out and meet each other. A very miniature mini-conference, as it were, centered around our collective #EvilPlans. Rock on…


  1. I like that idea very much. Even Ted has added Tedx. One huge conference once a year is too slow, too cumbersome and too late. The technology,the social nets are way ahead of that process. Small, fast, frequent. You’re on to it. That’s where it’s going. Have you considered other locations?

  2. Awesome idea. Glad I got to hang with the cool kids. Thanks for your and Jason’s collective hospitality. Maybe Miami ain’t so bad after all..