"alea iacta est."

[My latest cartoon.
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Dear Rackspace,

You being my client and all, I thought now would be a good time to let you know my current thinking:

You love startups. You live and breathe making them happy. You live and breathe trying to be helpful to them. You live and breathe “Fanatical”.

Sure, other companies offer the same kind of hosting that you do- Amazon being the best known example.

But it’s your particular brand of “Fanatical” that permeates your culture… THAT is what makes you unique; THAT is what your competitors DON’T have; THAT is your secret weapon.

And the minute you lose that, of course, is the minute you start to die.

Not everybody reading this is going to believe what I’ve just said. Some will remain skeptical, both inside and outside your company. Frankly, I don’t care. I’ve been working with y’all long enough to know that I’m speaking the truth.

“We Love Startups.” That is your mantra. That is your line in the sand.

And now you’re going to have to live it. Now that the line has been drawn, I’m never going to allow you to take those words back. Nor will anyone else. Ever. Nor should you.

“We Love Startups.” That is what the startup community must know about Rackspace. They must know it AND believe it. All of them. That is the mission.

Alea iacta est.

[PS: Note to Rackers: If your boss will let you, feel free to use the cartoon in your email signature. Spread the love etc.]

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  1. Alea iacta est was what I entered under “ambition for the future” under my Senior photo in my high school yearbook. Thanks for reminding me what bravado feels like.

  2. I love Rackspace! I switched to them from $5/month hosting hell in 2009 and have never looked back. I now spend all my free time singing their praises to anyone who will listen… well, not quite. Almost.

    BTW, I’m an ex-New Yorker who fled to Miami too. Are your prints on display anywhere here? Would love to come see them.