my new book: "evil plans"

[ Available from: Amazon.Barnes & Noble.Borders.800-CEO-READ etc.]

“Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN. Everybody needs that crazy, out-there idea that allows them to ACTUALLY start doing something they love, doing something that matters. Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN that gets them the hell out of the Rat Race, away from lousy bosses, away from boring, dead-end jobs that they hate. Life is short.”

My second book, EVIL PLANS launched today. Here are some notes:

1. EVIL PLANS is basically a meditation on “The Unification of Work and Love”. Something a lot of us strive for; something worth striving for. What does it take for somebody to be able to love what they do for a living? What has to happen? What has to be given up? What state of mind does one have to be in? Questions that never get old….

2. Like I said earlier, the book doesn’t matter; the conversation matters. How people conceive and execute their own Evil Plans is  a subject worth exploring deeply. All the book can do is help get the conversation going. Same with this blog.

3. The first line in the book is, “Everybody needs an Evil Plan”. That is my belief, that is my mantra. Besides drawing cartoons, Evil Plans is what my career has been about all these years- writing about them, discovering them, uncovering then, studying them, creating them, My own and other people’s.

4. People are talking about the book already. Fellow Penguin/Portfolio authors, Pam SlimJonathan Fields and Daniel Pink already have reviews up, plus you can see what people are saying on Twitter via the #EvilPlans hashtag.

5. This is only the beginning. I wrote the book to start a conversation about Evil Plans, not to be the definitive answer on the subject. Yes, I have some Evil Plans about Evil Plans. Funny how that works…

6. Thanks to everybody who helped make this happen, especially Jillian and Maureen over at Penguin, and my business partner, Jason, who had to put up with my nonsense for all those weeks. You guys rock.


  1. Mine’s on the way, but I must admit that calling it an “evil plan” has already pushed me to think bigger, bolder, and badder…and not in an Evil Empire kind of way.

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  3. Congrats, Hugh!

    Your work’s made a huge difference to me in my own quest, and I hope your launch goes well.

    Should you end up in an on-camera interview, I hope to see a maniacal alter-ego, complete with some hand wringing, sh*t eating smile, and a cackling laugh…

  4. I was hoping to get my Evil Plan book in time for the long weekend; and I did. Yeah!! Not that I am not already working my (not so) evil plan for work-passion meld, but new sources of inspiration are always welcome.

  5. I heart this idea. And can’t wait to read it. And talk about it. And continue refining my verrrrry evil plan. Congrats!

  6. Hugh, Jason…looking forward to being inspired to think antagonistically. Wait, already there. Looking forward to having a new buzz to help you sell your work.

  7. I use to have a mantra as well. I’ve heard a lot about this one, i jumped off yesterday to checked it on Amazon.

  8. Congratulations Hiugh! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

    Wait, let me get my old business cards to doodle evil domination plans on the back :)

  9. The book has brought me a lot inspiration. It actually helped me, or is helping, to devise my own evil plans. World, here I come!

  10. Thank you.

    This book is helping me realize I’m not crazy, but crazy about taking over the world. Your book is helping me to notice things within my own life, business, and art that you talk about in the book.

    Little did I know, I might be building that story day by day as I make my art (photography mainly). A lot of the topics are things I’m trying to get across on my blog for photographers. You say it so much better and with so much more clarity.

    Cheers to being overextended!

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  13. Devoured your book. I have just kicked-off my own evil plan and shed the shackles of being a salary slave. Scary and exhilarating! I found myself nodding my head at every chapter. The thing that has stuck with me through today is that it is perfectly acceptable to over-extend yourself and stick your finger in as many pies as you can find. Love it.

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  15. Strangely, I feel I must announce my evil plan to everyone. With the help of the linkbait generator I’ve copied catchy blog posts and started posting them on netbook blogs and websites.

    Then with a little help from evil friends I plant the mind seeds of wealth and freedom.

    Some will, some won’t, who cares. That’s an old MLM saying, you know, one of the oldest 20th century evil plans.

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