evil plans- rackspace edition

[Download the printable version here etc.]

To mark the launch of my upcoming book, EVIL PLANS on February 17th, I thought I’d do a special cartoon for my biggest client, Rackspace.

The first line in the book is “Everybody needs an Evil Plan”. This sentiment would apply to both big companies like Rackspace and, or course, the people who work for them.

So there was a natural fit. Plus I dig the red…

Hmmm… Thinking of making this one a print.

[You can pre-order the book here.]
[You can see the other cartoons I’ve done for Rackspace here.]


  1. Hugh, I love your work. It brings a smile to my face and causes me to actually stop and think. “Evil Plans – Having Fun on the Road to World Domination” is killer – thank you.