"don't be normal"

There seems to be a conversation happening internally at my client, Rackspace. Spearheaded by people like Robert Scoble and the guy who hired him (and who also hired me), Rob La Gesse.

“Don’t be normal”.

Who wants a “normal” job, anyway?

Who wants a “normal” employer, anyway?

Who wants a “normal” life, anyway?


So why not say it, loud and proud?

So I drew some cartoons on the subject.

I’m thinking they’d make great recruiting posters…

[P.S. At the time of posting this, Rob hasn’t seen these cartoons yet. He lets me post my ideas “live”, without having to go through him first. THAT IS WHY I’m psyched to be working with Rob and Rackspace. Just so you know.]


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hugh MacLeod, Luca Manassero and Mike Turner, NorthState. NorthState said: RT @gapingvoid: Drew some new @Rackspace cartoons. “Don’t Be Normal”: http://bit.ly/fy0qNG cc: @kr8tr […]

  2. GREAT stuff.

    Normal is definitely overrated. Remember the brain that Igor found for Victor Frankenstein in Mel Brook’s classic film: Abby Normal!

  3. Last week I had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with Jason Korman, one of your partners in crime. Jason informed me that Holland (where I live) is a ‘hotspot’ for your work right now. He seemed slightly puzzled by it. Then i saw your ‘don’t be normal’ post and it hit me. One of the bedrocks of Dutch culture is the expression ‘be normal, that’s crazy enough’ (doe normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg.) Most Dutch people live and breathe this mantra. But, increasingly, the thinkers here are figuring it out…normal ain’t what it used to be. Hence, we are buying your art in droves, giving birth to the ‘hotspot’ theory. Whaddya think?

  4. How about Rackspace let’s you sell stickers and t-shirts, make sure you make some money, and donate some portion to charity as well?
    Seems like:
    win (you make money + brand)
    win (Rackspace gets some costs covered)
    win (We get cool t-shirts and stickers)
    win (Charity!)

    4 wins…what more could we ask for? :-)

    Either way, great work.