"the processor is an expression of human potential"

So this was my idea for my client, Intel. You know, the big microprocessor company. “Silicon Chips” etc.

First I drew a wee doodle of a microprocessor, like the one above.

Then I added a tagline to the image. “The processor is an expression of human potential”.

This was my “blank canvas” to start with, as it were.

And then I started to fill said blank canvas with images. As demonstrated below:

The images themselves don’t matter per se. The fact they were drawn by me doesn’t matter, either. That’s not the point.

The point is, as always, human potential. And what Intel can do to help said human potential reveal itself.

“The processor is an expression of human potential”. Exactly.

Then I added the Intel logo and their tagline, “Visibly Smart”.

We printed these up as fine art prints. I’ll be signing them and handing them out at the Intel stand at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this week in LAs Vegas.

Please check out scoop.intel.com for more info. I hope to see you there. Thanks.


  1. There is another thing. The processor is a power tool for the mind. Pen, paper, sliderules and books were good and we went to the Moon with them, but we can do way more with computers.

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  3. Hugh, I’m thinkin’ you and Intel can both help people express their potential by selling the blank processor w/tagline as a dry-erase whiteboard.


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