not everybody's cut out for "normal"

Another new cartoon for the Rackspace series….

Basically, I took the old “George” idea and re-jigged it, adding the trademark Rackspace red & black.

And hey, it worked.

I see this cartoon going in the slide deck of Rackspace’s recruiters.

We’re not a ‘normal’ company  etc. It’s OK not to be ‘normal’ etc. ‘Normal’ is boring etc.

It’s easy for a small company to have a distinct personality. Much harder when the company has grown a lot, like Rackspace has done in the last few years.

Much harder to NOT be normal…

[Commission your own cartoon from gapingvoid etc.]


  1. This reminds me of the Simpson’s episode when Homer had to go to work in a pink shirt, and he said; “But, I’m not popular enough to be different.”

    Leamington Spa, England

  2. I love the message.

    What do you think of a version of this cartoon where the red guy looks a little different other than just his color (i.e. he’s taller, or has two hands, or is facing a different direction, etc) ?

  3. […] The cartoon above? Just seemed to fit this blog post. It was done by Hugh Macleod for Rackspace in a post titled “not everybody’s cut out for ‘normal.’” […]

  4. Hi!

    This kind of cartoons are warmly welcomed were I come from. What is normal and what isn’t? Is there anything that is perfectly normal in this world? I don’t know.

    I think much of the same questions than you on my blog, but a bit more twisted way, I guess. Check it if you can and leave your comment on it:


  5. Well, cartoon says something then it would give benefit of using it, if it is looking just cartoon then it is not so good.