"art with purpose. work with purpose"

[One of the cube grenades I did for Rackspace etc.]

Here’s something to think about this Thanksgiving:

A year and a half ago I coined the term, “Cube Grenade”, and since then, we’ve tried to build a business around it.

Art that you hang in your cubicle, in order to affect change, in order to start a conversation. Art that you “toss” into the work/corporate environment, that hopefully causes a small “explosion”. Hence the term, Cube Grenade.

“Art with purpose. Work with purpose”.


Thanks to the Internet, the nature of work is changing in so many amazing ways, and we’re all so damn lucky to be caught right in the middle of it.

As a cartoonist, my work is totally inspired and informed by this- this is exactly why the work took the direction it did.

And your work, whatever it may be, should also be affected in the same way. I can’t think of a better time to be alive; I really can’t.

So besides friends and family, what better reason is there to celebrate Thanksgiving? Seriously…


  1. Awesome Hugh!

    Thanks for your contagious energy and bold shipping with heart every single day.. Thanks for encouraging more and more artist all around the world to awaken.

    Indeed, internet age is just perfect time to live in.

    Happy Thanksgiving and great time with your loved ones!


  2. A nice coincidence. I handed in my resignation this week, and I’ll be working for myself from the middle of January.

    You’re one of the many people who had an influence on this decision, so I thought I’d take the chance to say thanks.

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