do more

I just designed this cube grenade for one of my clients, the insurance broker HNI.

As always, it’s basically something to be downloaded [from here], printed out and hung up round the office. A “conversation starter” etc.

Most insurance companies want to sell you a lot of insurance, the more the merrier. One part of HNI’s shtick is, well, “More” is not always the most helpful thing for the client etc.

The guy in the cartoon looks so unhappy simply because the very thought of actually “Doing” something actually frightens a lot of people. Which is why the world is filled with so many clock-watchers.

Though this was designed for HNI, if the message has any value to your business, feel free to print it out as well, thanks.


  1. Well done Hugh!

    Playing it safe [and buying loads of insurance] is risky business.

    Like anything else, you need to take some “risk” to get ahead.