hni & 'change the game'

Late last year, Mike Natalizio, President & CEO of HNI (a medium sized insurance brokerage out of the Midwest) commissioned me to draw some “Cube Grenade” cartoons for the company.

It was a nice wee cartoon project; it went well.

We kept on talking, after that… we’ve been helping them with what a Smarter Conversation might mean for their business.

HNI’s corporate tagline is “Change The Game”.

The insurance business is generally known as a fairly staid affair- it’s relatively conservative game- no surprises there.

“Change The Game”. I like the premise, it gets me thinking:

  • What part of the game does it want to change?
  • What can it actually change?
  • What needs to be changed, anyway?

And at what cost, personal or otherwise?

What needs to happen?

Let’s find out…


  1. You’re absolutely right about a “smarter conversation” and the fact that you and I have been talking more about how to start just that. The questions in your post really got me thinking more about what part of the game we want to change rather than simply change for the sake of change.
    Thanks for the challenge and starting the conversation. More to come…

  2. Hi Mike,

    I might be able to help on “change the game”. I’m originally from Chicago and noticed you have a location not to far from my parents home. I am now living in England but have spent the last 30 years in the Insurance Industry working in locations all over the world. I am a consultant now and some of the things I work on are about changing how we do things especially when working with the clients. Not sure how well this would work long distance but let me know if you would be interested.

    Best wishes,
    Rosanne Bachman CPCU