we're incredible beings.

[“Awake”, the print I featured in this Monday’s newsletter etc.]

We’re incredible beings. And I want to make and sell art that maybe, just maybe, makes people think, even for a short while, that I’m not wrong, either.

[I can think of worse ways to make a living. Lord knows, we’ve all tried a few of those…]

So yeah, we’re incredible beings. But it’s not enough to believe it; you actually have to live it. Even if you’re going to fail. most of the time. That’s where the REAL work lies.

But hey, at least you tried.

Life is short, People. You’re going to be dead soon. So frickin’ go do something about it. Frickin’ go do something that matters. Seriously.

Thanks for hearing my rant. God Bless…


  1. Today I got up and stubbed my toe, cut my face shaving, ran out of soap and had no towel to dry off with. My clothes clung to me as I slipped them on, now they are damp. The air outside is cold and my face comes alive with every little movement. My toe is calling me with every step, hello toe.

    Did you feel that breeze, freshening is it not.

    What a great day this is, I hope I take the chance to fail more today.

  2. Beautiful, Hugh.

    Have you ever been to Burning Man?

    Underneath the hype, the trendiness, the jumped-the-shark snark, the politics, the bitchiness, the superficiality and the hipper-than-hipster cred that comes from attending, there is a throbbing core that embodies exactly what you’ve written in this post.

    An example: Last time I went, I camped next to this Israeli family. Two patriarchs, their wives, their seven kids. They’d built a giant xylophone out of pneumatic piping, pedal powered, using ping-pong balls to play notes. Brought it from Israel. I helped them set it up on the Playa. They invited me to join their family dinners. As we parted ways at dawn after the Man had been burned, I held hands with the two patriarchs in their traditional gesture and we shared quiet words of hope for the future. One of the most sublime moments of my life.

    I think you’d find something similar…