"how culture will un-break itself"

Very cool. The Techcrunch Party poster I mentioned the other day (and in the newsletter this morning) is now available as a print.

Also, for today only there’s a wee offer code that knocks 45% off the normal price etc.

I’m writing this from my hotel in West Hollywood. I’m in LA for the PSFK Conference tomorrow.

The title of my PSFK talk is, “How Culture Will Un-Break Itself”.

Culture? Broken? WTF?

Hint: Social Objects and The Purpose-Idea, Baby… with a bit of Cognitive Surplus thrown in for good measure. Rock on.


  1. Was interested to read about PSFK – thanks for the indirect pointer which, I hope, will get my wandering mind back on track.

  2. Loved your talk at PSFK today. Yes, I have definitely seen your work before knowing it was yours and the ideas have stuck with me through years. Thanks.