daily bizcard 046: omar l. gallaga

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Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “CFA” goes to Austin-American Statesman tech writer, Omar L. Gallaga.

Besides his newspaper beat, he’s also a contributor to NPR’s “All Tech Considered” segment, which airs Mondays on “All Things Considered.”

What the hell, it looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time in Austin this year, so I might as well get to know some of the techies here. Omar seemed like a good place to start.

Although I don’t know Omar personally (we did meet once during SXSW, but that evening’s a bit of a blur, to be honest), I thought I’d turn the “CFA” design into a business card, even if there’s a chance he might find the card a wee bit rude for his tastes. Though Lord knows, as a journalist, Omar will run into tons of CFAs every day, so he might find it as funny, instead. We shall see.

[N.B. Every weekday I do a Daily Bizcard for people and companies I admire for free – if you’re in my firing line I will also give you 100 printed for free as a thank you for being an inspiration to me – but obviously only once I’ve emailed you from “gapingvoidbizcard@gmail.com” to find out what you want written on them ! Thanks.]

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