daily bizcard 035: clay shirky

Today’s “Daily Bizcard”, “The Trick To New York”, goes to one of the world’s foremost thinkers about how the Internet ACTUALLY works, Clay Shirky.

I know quite a few world-class Internet ‘gurus’. Seriously, without exception, they ALL borrow heavily from him, sometimes shamelessly. And the ones who say they don’t are liars.

Clay has a new book,  “Cognitive Surplus”, which comes out in two days. Anybody who cares about the Internet will be reading it in the next few weeks, trust me. Actually, anybody who really cares about the Internet (and actually knows what they’re talking about) makes it their business to read every single word Clay ever writes. Again, trust me… [UPDATE: Good interview of Clay on NPR].

This is a re-working of a_very_old_cartoon_of_mine,_drawn_back_in_my_New_York_days,_which_also_borrows_heavily_from_another New York-era cartoon. Clay lives in New York City, where he has a part-time professor job at NYU. He’s always liked this cartoon, so why not? I can think of no finer recipient. Rock on.

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[Clay, we’ll be in touch soon via gapingvoidbizcard@gmail.com to collect your details for the back of the card, so we can print & ship a free box of 100 to you etc. Thanks!]