daily bizcard 027: carl-henric svanberg

Today’s “Daily Bizcard” design, “Thank You Sir”, goes to BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, who’s having, shall we say, one bitch of a week.

Oh well, I guess that’s why he gets paid the big bucks…

Of course the current oil slick is horrendous. In spite of that, I’m no more one of those anti-big-oil people than I was before. My father, a geologist, was in the oil business for a good chunk of his working life. I also used to work in the oil business when I was a kid in college, offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

At the end of the day, oil is dirty, nasty, dangerous stuff to get out of the ground. And every now and then, sadly, we are reminded of this. “Cut down our dependence on oil”? If that lever existed, we’d have pulled it long ago. Don’t get me started…

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[Carl-Henric, please send me an e-mail at gapingvoid@gmail.com with your shipping address and the details you want on the back of the bizcard, and I’ll send a free box of 100 to you. Thanks!]