cube grenade: lemonade

Advertising hacks losing their jobs is a subject very dear to my heart (I was one of them, more than once). Advertising hacks re-inventing their crash-and-burn careers and turning it into something more interesting, is also a subject dear to my heart (I’ve done that, too).

Which is why my latest “Cube Grenade” goes to Eric Proulx, founder of Please Feed The Animals, the blog and support group for out-of-work Adland. He’s also the grand ninja brainmeister behind the documentary about out-of work advertising executives re-inventing their post-advertising lives, “Lemonade”.

Besides that, I was also in the mood to draw something big, bright and yellow, so it all came together nicely.

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  2. If anything I’ve done ever gets to be 1/10th as interesting as everything you’re doing, I’ll know I’m on my way. A million thank yous, Hugh.

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