i've taken up kung fu again…

[Alpine, Texas. Walking up Hancock Hill earlier this evening. Part of my new training regime etc.]

Anthony Arrigo, my old Kung-Fu buddy from my time in New York is in town for a few days. He’s gotten me back on the wagon. Long story. Watch this space etc.

P.S. Today was seriously the hardest workout I’ve had in years…


  1. Hey everyone

    Hugh is doing Wing chun, Shaolin and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Mixed with pure fitness training that includes but is not limited to running up the mountain every morning. Good times. Plus some adjustments to his diet. He will be fit to fight soon enough lol

  2. Good for you – I took up Kung Fu about 4 years ago and it has given me back my fitness and taught me so many good things. And I still find new things in Siu Nim Tao.

  3. I’ve been seriously considering martial arts for a while now, but I don’t know if I can make the time commitment to really make it effective. The plan right now is to start when I get out of the Navy. Anyone know anything about Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu? There’s an academy in my hometown of St. Louis.

  4. Excellent stuff. It’d be great to have you as a guest at our club if you ever have your ways by Manchester Hugh. Believe you me…there are many CDF’s there :)

  5. Your by no means to old to start your Martial Arts Training, yet you do have to don’t forget at our age your body takes longer to recoup.