daily bizcard 019: tim o'reilly

Today’s “Daily Bizcard” design, “Life Is Too Short”, goes to Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media.

What’s there to say about Tim that hasn’t been said already? He’s one one of our great Internet and technology visionaries. I was fortunate to meet him a few months ago at Supernova in San Francisco. A really charming, well-mannered guy in real life.

The cartoon above was DIRECTLY inspired by a personal mantra of Tim’s, “Work On Stuff That Matters”. And of course, it’s the fact that we’re mortal (and life is short) that gives Tim’s mantra its sense of urgency. If we lived forever, we’d be more inclined to just sit on our butts all day long. That was my thinking behind it, anyway. The cartoon was also the first one I sent out in my daily newsletter, back in January. You can also buy the print here etc.

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[Tim, please send me an e-mail at gapingvoid@gmail.com with your shipping address and the details you want on the back of the bizcard, and I’ll send a free box of 100 to you. Thanks!]


  1. Love it. Becoming friends with Tim changed the course of my life both professionally (authoring), and personally (he introduced me to Icelandic horses… now I have six). And the “work on stuff that matters” mantra has made a huge dent in my life overall.

    But while life IS too short, etc., I think the opposite is true as well: life is too damn LONG not to work on things that matter :)

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  3. Funny that I just bought a print of this last month. Love it. I keep it within eyesight in my work cave at home.

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