daily bizcard 10: andrew keen

Today’s “Daily Bizcard” design, “I Have A Pen”, goes to yet another Brit, Andrew Keen.

Andrew has made his name these last few years being contrarian about the Internet and Silicon Valley. He points out that, with all this new technology and all these barrels of Kool-Ade waiting to be drunk, there is still a dark side to it all. He has a point, of course.

We’ve debated in public before, taking opposing sides. To borrow heavily from Lord Leverhume, “I disagree with half of what Andrew says. The trouble is, I don’t know which half”.

All in all, though, he’s a terrific guy with a sharp mind and an equally sharp angle. Glad to have him around.

As an antidote to all this Gee-Whizz-Internet-Techie stuff  that Andrew likes to rail against, I was thinking about what came before it, back in my youth, when creating “content” was a bit more elitist, a bit more of a “gentleman’s profession”.

It reminded me of some of the foppish, intellectual, aesthete types I went to school with..

Word processors? Delete buttons? Ha. They liked gold-nibbed fountain pens and 1929 Royal Typewriters. Trying to re-live F Scott Fitzgerald, everything tinged with sepia.  Ah, Youth! Wasted on the young etc.

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