daily bizcard: brian clark

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I had this idea that wouldn’t it be great to give out free printed business cards to my favorite people?

A wee social gesture from me in the form of a social object, which as I’m fond of saying, I believe is the future of marketing.

So I made a big list of my favorite people…

Once a day (weekdays, anyway) I’ll blog a new bizcard to give someone.

First on my list? Brian Clark, whose SUPERB blog, copyblogger -i.e. all about marketing via online- is VERY high on my must-read list. Besides that, he’s fun to hang out at SXSW and drink cocktails with.

This “Delusional” cartoon dates back from late 2009. I didn’t design it specifically for Brian (you can actually buy the print if you want), but I know from the horse’s mouth that he’s very fond of the image, so what the hell… I’m planning to do more customized ones in the future etc.

[Brian, please send me an email at gapingvoid@gmail.com with the details you want to see on the back, and I’ll print up a batch of 100 for you. Thanks!]