the wee nudge

[“Hugged”, which went out earlier this morning in the newsletter. You can buy the print here etc.]

These days I’m finding myself writing less about my usual sex/angst/alienation shtick, and more and more about business and entrepreneurship, hence the cartoon above. As my interests evolve, so does the subject matter. It’s really that simple.

I want to draw cartoons that entertain people, sure, but perhaps more importantly, I want to draw cartoons that push people in the right direction; the direction they wanted to go in, anyway.

That’s what all my favorite artists have always done for me, after all. Their work always gave me a wee nudge etc. I’m just trying to follow their example.

Whether we’re talking Rembrandt, Shakespeare, The Rolling Stones, Charlie Brown, or the unknown graffiti artist from the wrong side of the tracks- that’s what “Art” is really all about, at the end of the day. The Wee Nudge.

And even if you’re not an “Artist” per se, whether you’re a techie, salesman, consultant, plumber or whatever, surely the work you do should somehow give people that same “Wee Nudge”, in your own unique way? If not, what’s stopping you? What’s stopping anybody?

I think it’s career suicide not to, frankly…


  1. I guess most people are afraid of exploring the artist in them. Perhaps they fear criticisms or lack the confidence to express their selves. . :-)

  2. Great piece. It’s a wee nudge, yes, but it’s also the perfect visual representation of why we shy away from hugging the client.

  3. Haven’t picked up Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin, yet, but heard an interview in which he refers to the idea of “art” and “artists” this way: “What art is, is the act of changing someone because you want to, not because you get paid to…. The act of art means giving more than you got paid for, and doing something human that changes someone else.”

    Sounds like what you’re talking about here.