we like doing stuff that connects with people. we're "connectors".

[“Love Begets Love”.]

Erin sent me this photo, the day after the piece arrived at her home. It’s now hanging in her bedroom, so I’m told. Thanks, Erin!

I don’t know why exactly, but I really like this photo. Maybe because of the gentle way the person is holding it- cradling it like a baby, almost.

As an artist, you often think about your work being out there in all these people’s homes, all over the world, interacting with them. It’s a lovely feeling.

There’s a ton of art out there. For a piece of art to make it into someone else’s home and onto their walls, is actually pretty impossible unless you’ve already made a pretty significant connection with them, somehow. Again, it’s a lovely feeling when it happens.

The work people do is all driven by different things- money, ambition, intellect, sex, whatever. The work I do, and the work for a lot of people who read my blog and buy my cartoons, seems to be largely driven by the need to “connect”.

We like doing stuff that connects with people. We’re “Connectors”.

We’re wired that way. We can’t help it. We’re like those little hearts in the cartoon above…


  1. I blogged about being a connector today. A blog friend pointed me to your blog post — I’m loving the connections.

  2. my favorite part of the drawing is the randomness of the connections…sometimes it’s that random, off-the-wall connection that ends up being really important. thanks for the visual reminder to treasure *all* the chances I have to connect with others.

  3. …and it doesn’t end there.

    I see a lot of your work here, there…around. And the lovely @avflox had tweeted this particular piece. It hit me at that right moment, like any good piece should, and it was personal.

    It was the connections, but also the idea that love really does beget love … and without even thinking I wanted it in my home. A reminder, perhaps?

    You’ll be pleased to know my husband immediately unboxed and hung it in our bedroom and after reading, outloud, what it said…the kids then made a fort from the box and played with the bubble wrap for hours.

    It was a good day.
    Thank you.

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  5. Hugh, I have been on the same wavelength since a new art collector bought one of my paintings last week. I haven`t met them yet, It was a purchased from a gallery and I have been thinking that something in that painting had to communicate to that collector to get them to part with their money. I feel tickled knowing that the art made the connection, it is now on their wall and is still sending out vibrations. When I started to paint the landscape I was connecting to the spirit of the land, communicating silently to it and the land was sending back it`s feelings. It all became captured on the canvas, now someone is enjoying what transpired from the land to the artist. I hope to meet the buyer after I receive their name and info from the gallery to thank them and make that connection complete.

  6. Ours arrived last night – we’ll be hanging in our first baby’s room when we finally get around to decorating it. (Baby’s due in mid-July.)