"remember who you are": the high-res download

People liked the new “Remember Who You Are” idea so much, what the hell, I decided to go ahead and make it into high-rez printout. You can download it directly from here, or from the main “Remember” manifesto page. Feel free to print it out and stick it on your wall i.e. use it as a “Cube Grenade”.

Even better, once it’s hung, feel free to send me a photo. I’d love to see them. Thanks! Rock on.


  1. […] world via following his blog. Hugh will help you to remember WHO YOU ARE, which is also his latest give away cartoon. Viktor Frankl and his book was sold ” quite a lot” > over  12 million copies […]

  2. […] Today, I will be brief  and I will quote Hugh MacLeod’s high resolution give away cartoon: […]