"commitment", revisited


Within 1 week of meeting this person you realize that not only have you found your soulmate, but you’ve found your soulmate who likes to have sex 4 times a day in the bed, on the dining table, on the kitchen floor, in the changing rooms at Bloomingdale’s etc.

Within 2 weeks you’re already talking about moving in together.

Within 3 weeks you’re talking about having babies together.

Within 4 weeks you realize this person is a complete psychopath.

Within 5 weeks this person also thinks you’re a complete psychopath.

Within 6 weeks you’re sitting at a restaurant with an old friend who is giving you the “How come you only call me when you’re single” speech.

[Originally published in 2001. You can go see it and more of my early personal faves on my “About” page here…]


  1. This is so true. Until the moment you meet the right one. Week 6 is then the realization that both of are complete psychopaths and you can’t imagine living without them

  2. You are amazing and inspirational artist. Wish youu all the success you can imagine. Great work

    ps: I ‘m happily married :)