"fight like hell" moleskine

Drew this one last night at the bar. One of my favorites so far.

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  1. You drew this at the bar last nite? Looks great, but seems like it would take a long time to draw. I can only imagine the size of your bar tab!

  2. Beautiful. I love the moleskin series. I can imagine getting lost in that type of art while creating it. Does that happen? Do you “zone out” when working on intricate pieces like this one?

  3. Thanks, Everybody…

    Jeremy, do I zone out? Short answer: Yes.

    Though I’m not really into Buddhism at all, I try to treat it a bit like “Zen” meditation… or something like it.

    Otherwise I’d just go mad…

  4. Fucking awesome. I like how you still have the passion to fight even though you’re now in control of your own life.


  5. amazing!

    Do you sit right at the bar? or do you sit in a booth? your own booth? A stool with your name on it?

    Curious. Feel free to link me if this has been answered before as well.

    I need to order some art soon or now now now

  6. Someone needs to take a picture of you during the creation of one of these pieces and capture “the poetry in drawing.”