map of the u.s.a.


      • Actually, Missouri has been placed in the region of crap if you take a closer look. Having been born there and left as soon as possible I would agree with Hugh. :)

  1. Definitely don’t want to live a the panhandle of awful at the intersection of flat, texas, awful, and boring.

  2. hey Hugh…you gotta do one of these for the UK. some suggestions

    1) Scotland = whisky/golf
    2) Cumbria = trees/lakes
    3) Birmingham = concrete
    4) London = crazy

    etc etc…


    • +1 – same request for Spain. Ex’s: Costa Blanca (ex-pat criminal ghetto) Costa Blanca (Blackpool with sunshine) Madrid (absentee landlords) Andalucia (olives/donkeys) Barcelona (party) Almeria (desert)…etc

  3. Looks like about 2 minutes of thought and 10 minutes of work was put into this one. Not even clever.

    • Hence, the difference between people who get paid for what they produce and people who get paid by the hour …

  4. They only reason anyone wouldn’t find this funny is they’re touchy about not living in Texas.

    Myself? I’d buy a print.

  5. Hmmm, being a yankee is not so bad. I’ve always felt Texas is actually a country unto itself.

  6. I dunno, Hugh. I always love your stuff! But this one left me feeling flat, awful, bored………..

    • John, Steinberg is one of my personal gods of cartooning.

      He also pretty much invented the map-cartoon idea.

  7. I strongly reject that 1) my current home (Chicago) is within “Crap” and 2) my former home (East SF Bay) is within “Hideous”.

    As to my brief time in El Lay… Well…

  8. Quite an accurate depiction of a typical Texan’s view of the country.

    An alternative, according to my family, would label everything north of Amarillo as “North Pole.”

  9. would love to see one of South Africa. all you’d have to do is label it racists, right?

  10. As a Californian, I’m used to being the complimented singular entity; the beneficiary of exceptions made to insults about the U.S. But now we’re included along with everyone else! Psssh!

  11. Yes, Texas plans to become a Republic once again! Long live the great Lone Star State. It is simply the best!!
    No state income tax. Come one, come all, except if you are from California or a Yankee (beware we protect our borders).

  12. Made me chuckle, not being American. Though the ‘Boring’ bit does have a lot of the spectacle. For me anyway.

  13. I went west in the US and had a great time ! great GREAT time ! much better than Paris, France where I am stuck ! I guess I love boring places…

  14. Texas is synonomous with “all of the other ones, rolled into one” right. That is the joke, isn’t it?

    Hell, I used to live in Amarillo. I have issues.

  15. Love it.

    I do think, however, that there should be some shading going on here. I mean, Seattle is not nearly as boring as New Mexico, and Chicago is probably only 80% crap….

    Keep up the good work.

  16. It’s kinda like the map of the world I saw once .. Sphere – Arrow pointing at it – caption ‘F@@@@d Up …

  17. My map always has hideous awful crap where Texas is. Fortunately there’s something for everyone in the US.

  18. Texas is a beautiful State….the only problem: there’s way too many Texans there. I’d rather live in Boring Nevada which is just an oxymoron.

  19. It’s all in the interpretation.

    As this cartoon clearly shows – you couldn’t fit Hideous, Crap, Flat, Awful and Boring in the space of Texas.

    Texas is just the collective term for all five 😉

      • Unfortunately it’s too late for quitting the day job – well, the one that had me in Beaumont for last year at least.

        But I do have good memories of TX – not least a Wolf v Sheep print 😉

  20. I’m fine with that map unless you Texans start crossing over your border to other states. We need to keep you confined to one area so you don’t mess up the rest of the country. You know, the nice part.

  21. I think this map is pretty accurate. I do agree on the shading comment though. Could you please put an emphasis on Ohio and Indiana and make them “Super Crap”?

  22. I think everyone has missed the real point, but have proved it themselves, that it’s all about starting a conversation and a buzz. Err…right Hugh?

  23. “Texas is a beau­ti­ful State.…the only pro­blem: there’s way too many Texans there.”

    @Bob Lathrop – heh. i LOVE that.

  24. Sure adds to the argument of letting Texas succeed from the Union. Hey, we can pick up Puerto Rico and keep the 50 stars.

    • Paul, Texas might have to, at the current rate outsi­ders are moving in 😉

      Accor­ding to last month’s Entre­pre­neur Maga­zine, 69% of new US jobs crea­ted in 2009, were crea­ted in Texas.

      That seems rather high to me, but even so…

  25. Your attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of each different part of the country is amazing….have you thought of working for the UN…we need a world view with this level of sensitivity.

  26. T-Shirt:
    ‘Map of the USA’ on the front
    ‘Marfa Map of Texas’ on the back
    ‘Marfa Map’ on the front cover
    ‘Map of the USA’ on the back
    Blank pages in between
    See book.

  27. UH, they have Las Vegas in the BORING section? It would be better to extend California over a few hundred miles and include LV in hideous. I live in Las Vegas and I would rather be hideous than boring.

  28. Ha, w/ the BCS Championship game tonight, this would be a big hit in the sport forums and message boards. I despise both teams, so can’t wade in there to share the image, but I’m sure someone will.

  29. Well done. I love this, reminded me of the Jesusland map, one of my favorite images – for its insight and wit – of the past decade.

  30. Yankee and proud of it. Born in the Bronx (where else?), raised in New York, living it Boston. California really is beautiful.

  31. I like how this hick labeled California, which includes Napa Valley and beautiful San Diego beaches hideous.

  32. gotta say, Stephen from 11 back pretty much nails it on the head (whether he knew he did or not)–nice one.
    great to hang out with you in the 17 degree night by the firepit for the calendar flip, Hugh–Mahala & I really enjoyed yr company that week.
    we should sit with coffee and talk cartoonists one day, you and I….

  33. Am I the only one who didn’t realize “Texas” wasn’t an insult? When I think of Texas, that’s what I think of…just Texas, and it ain’t a good feeling.

    • No worries, Curtis. We need more people like you around. Helps keep the Yankees and Californians moving here bhua ha ha ha

  34. I’m a proud resident of Boring, and for my purposes, this map is perfect. The less people we have out here, the more I have the majestic beauty of nature to myself.

  35. Reminds me of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where the guides entry for Earth was “Harmless” and after a character lived on Earth and sent in a big entry for it it was updated to “Mostly Harmless”

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