coming through town


  1. Jesus Christ loves you all. He never came into this world to condemn but the world (thats us) may be saved from hell and damnation! Jesus Chris loves you, He doesnt love what you’re doing but if you would take the time today to repeat after me. . . .Lord forgive me for all my sins. Lord come into my life, Save me and fill me with your holyspirit. Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour. Ask God to give you the holyspirit and the the evidence of tounges (showing His arrival). After all this has taken place, you live for Christ now. No more lusting after men and/or women, money, glory or fame. We live for Christ now. Get you a good king james bible and you study it. When you dont understand it, ask the Holyspirit for help and allow the Lord (if you dont already have a church home) guide you to a church where they teach Holiness. Choose this way of Salvation than sin and hell. Make the best decision, you wont regret it!