life is too short


  1. I don’t visit here for awhile, I come back and you remind me exactly why I’m glad you had the balls to do what you do.

  2. “Life is too short not to do something that matters” Or maybe it’s too long not to…..

    Glad you are back to pumping out volumes. It’s inspirational!

  3. Great Point Here!

    I’m thinking…. why stop at cube grenades?… why not hand grenades?… come full circle with your idea and let me put some of these cartoons on the back of my business cards.

    I see more clients and potential clients in their space than I see in my own. I still use business cards all the time and while they have become somewhat passé, this would make them relevant again. Also, I am giving them a small cube grenade for their desk space. Rather than throwing my card in a drawer, it gets taped to the monitor and becomes a conversation starter for their business. Who knows, as part of the conversation a referral for me may become of it.

    What do you think Hugh?

  4. so when is this coming out as a full scale print, i have a bit of wall space left and this would certainly fill the void