the daily beatings don't stop. ever.


Mark has a fun post over on The Lateral Action Blog, “Lose Touch With Your Inner Whining Artist”:

Your Inner Whining Artist (IWA) is the part of you that tells you you’re a genius waiting to be discovered. If only the big bad world would sit up and recognise your talent, the IWA tells you, all your problems would be over. Audiences and critics would bow at your feet, agents would queue up to represent you, and all the people who’d ever rejected your work would be gorging themselves on humble pie. You just need to get your break, to be discovered. It can only be a matter of time …

It’s quite simple, really: People who spend a lot of time listening to their Inner Whining Artist get the shit beaten out of them by the world in general on a daily basis.

And as long as IWA plays a plays a significant role in your life, the daily beatings don’t stop. Ever.

Thank Christ for that.

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  1. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve been trying to ram a sock into the mouth of my own personal IWA for, God, how many years old am I? Getting that bastard to STFU is one of the most difficult and rewarding things I’ve ever been able to do.

  2. The wonderful story of John Forbes Nash is an example of how to deal with IWA, or in his case, Inner Whining Demons, who proceeded to lead him into a nightmarish existence As real as they seemed to him, his genius recognized that they existed only in his head. The Nobel Prize for Economics was his reward for the ability to ignore what was holding him back from true expression.