new moleskine drawing: "tried life"

moleskine tried meaningful 2

Just finished this new Moleskine drawing: “Tried Meaningful”. You can see the enlarged image here. Let me know what you think!

[See more like this over at the Moleskine archive.]

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  1. Excellent piece, Hugh. I think you’ve really hit upon a vein for meaningful and accessible fine art that encompasses the depth of what cartooning is for you.

  2. love it – really spoke to me. Just found your site via Hazel Dooney. saving pennies to buy one of your prints. Do you post to Shetland?

    • Yep. Shetland is on the list 😉

      We ship everywhere in the developed world, pretty much. One of my collectors lives in Shanghai, even…

      Thanks :)

  3. Hugh, healthcare is going through it’s current stimulus funding and one of the key terms is “meaningful use”. Not sure you are looking for mass sales, but I bet making this one available, or maybe even a slightly tailored one for healthcare would sell well right now.

    Great stuff!