party aftermath…

[The YouTube video, courtesy of Sandi Bachom.]

[GREAT Flickr slideshow courtesy of David Parmet].


[Seth and I signing some Purple Cow prints, with DesertManhattan in the background. Photo courtesy of Cecilia.]


[People having fun etc.]


[David Parmet: “When I saw this print last night, I knew I had to have it. And I knew exactly who it was for.”]

After weeks of preparation, some of it quite nerve-racking, the Purple Cow print party is finally over.

What can I say? It was a blast. Everybody seemed to have a great time. More than one person came up to me and said it was a lot more fun than any art opening they’d ever been to. You can see what people are saying on Twitter (for the time being, anyway) by following the #purplecow hashtag…

Thanks to Seth Godin for being such a gracious co-host, thanks to everybody who helped out, thanks to everybody who came along for it.

A special big thanks to Martha Burzynski, Carlo Balistrieri, and Cecilia Feret for volunteering their time to help us out at the door. That was so kind of you, seriously. Thanks to David Parmet and Sandi Bachom for the great photos and videos [posted above].

And a final thank-you to my business colleagues, Jason and Laura, who worked tirelessly for SO LONG behind the scenes to make sure the evening was nothing short of a massive success. You guys rock. Ok, I’m going to go off and sleep for a week…

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  1. It’s like in Close Encounters when Richard Dreyfus was making mashed potato mountains, I’d been making mashed potato mountains all these years… and then I met Hugh…..

    A week ago I was in in Barnes and Noble in NYC and Hugh’s book jumped out at me… “the market for something to believe in…is infinite”

    I ran home, found gapingvod, (cleverly printed on the cover)… two days later I was at the first ever New York Purple Cow party with my camera (video above), and everything Seth and Hugh were saying, and everybody else there, and I hate this expression…”blew my mind”

    It can happen that fast you guys…so you better pay attention!

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