the web 2.0 conference

From the “Social Marker” blog post:

When I visit San Francisco I am always surprised how often the name of my friend, Robert Scoble comes up in random conversation, unprompted by myself. Why is that? Why is he so well known? Is his blog REALLY that good? Is he REALLY that smart and interesting?
Well, I could give a whole stack of reasons to explain why I think Robert’s success is well-deserved. But one major reason that his blog’s traffic is so high, and his name so well-known, is that his personal brand has somehow managed to become a Social Marker inside the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The same could also be said for Mike Arrington, Loic Le Meur or Mark Zuckerberg. Dropping their names into random conversations allows people to quickly and efficiently contextualize themselves.

[Thanks to @scobleizer and @arrington etc.]

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  1. The more I hear about these conferences and the more I attend, the more I think they are the same people talking about the same things.
    We all thought the flattening of the world would allow for everyone to get involved, but now we just have another ruling class who pretends to be nice to each other.