gapingvoid is proud to present: THE WORST MARKETING IDEA EVER!!!!!

[My pal, Jeffro singing at Harry’s Tinaja, Alpine, Texas.]
I’m taking to the road. Here are some notes:
1. Now that IGNORE EVERYBODY is done and in the book stores, it’s time to do something else. In the last couple of days, I’ve gotten several emails from people that they saw the book selling in airport bookshops. Wow. It doesn’t get any more “mainstream” that that, I’m happy to report. At least I can’t accuse it of being “undiscovered”. And for me, as a blogger, it’s nice to be able to break out of the Web 2.0 echo chamber. Exactly.
2. So I was having a drink with a friend the other day, and he asked me what my next plan was. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that “I’m going to go on the road, and stay on the road, until Stormhoek is the best selling South African wine in Texas.”
3. I’m bringing my computer along. I’ll be blogging my adventures en route. Hoping to be posting travel-diary videos on YouTube as well.
4. I’ll be limiting my travels to the State of Texas. Luckily it’s a big State and there’s plenty to discover.
5. I’m bringing my computer along. I’ll be working on my second book while I’m traveling. I have a vague idea what it’s about…
6. I’m bringing my computer along. I hoping to meet other Texan bloggers and Twitters on my travels.
7. Hoping to draw a lot of new cartoons en route as well. Hoping that some new prints will come out of it.
8. I don’t really have a plan. But I am leaving as soon as I can get organized. You’ll be able to follow my adventure on Twitter easily enough.
9. This idea will probably fail. “Futile Marketing” etc. Rock on.
10. [Update:] Just Twittered this blog post: “@gapingvoid is proud to present: THE WORST MARKETING IDEA EVER!!!!!” Yep. That’s about right…
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  1. Hugh,
    I need a case of Stormhoek for a big blogger meetup in Virginia Beach this weekend. Where the heck do I buy this stuff?

  2. Hi Hugh –
    As a native Austinite & avid Texas evangelist, I’d love to help ya along your way in any manner that I can – especially with notes & ideas concerning Austin (where to go, stay, etc, etc…)
    Please let me know of anything I can do to assist in any way towards making your trip to the greatest state in the Union as wonderful as possible! :)
    – mdm

  3. Seeing as how you’re in Alpine you have quiet the trip up I-10 to any civilization :) Make sure you check out the Sam Houston statue and the Texas Prison Museum in my hometown of Huntsville, TX. Wish I were still in Texas so I could meet you. Looking forward to receiving your book in the mail.

  4. Just as long as you don’t actually talk to anyone Hugh – that would spoil the seminal nature of the “marketing” effort

  5. Hey Hugh, don’t forget to send a postcard! Maybe that way you won’t clutter up my Twitter Box with 5,000 tweets a day :-p
    Oh, and don’t drink and drive! Or is that legal in Texas…?

  6. Here’s to not having a plan…[downs a shot of cheap tequila]. Wake me up when I can hook some ‘hoek in Mexico. My employer has seen fit to pluck me from Texas before I got a chance to taste it and I’m bound for el D.F.

  7. Have a great trip – I let the person next to me on the bus read parts of your book today – it was a 30 minute ride, so he didn’t get through the whole thing, but I think I saw him walk into Borders right after…

  8. Hey, Hugh.
    Stop in and see my friends Gigi and Morgan Sullivan at WineStyles Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth (on 7th street). They are (a) great people, (b) Morgan is a musician, and (c) Gigi has a great palate. Fort Worth needs Stormhoek wines.

  9. Hey Hugh
    If it is good enough for you to get off your ars.. then you have inspired me to do the same in my neck of the wood. Starting this week I am hitting the road and all the small towns around the North Island of NZ to spread the word about by small winery Salvare. There is a limited amount of wine you can sell sitting around waiting for the phone to ring i.e. NONE.
    Have a great trip.

  10. Having just read “Ignore”
    How about changing #2 to Best selling IMPORTED wine in Texas ???
    Alt would be to outsell Texan wine (G)

  11. Just finished your book. Terrific. I plan to give it to a former student of mine who just graduated from Columbia Law School and doesn’t want to practice law. He needs your “sex and cash theory.” After being in advertising for 10 years, then an English teacher for 13 years, I took a sabbatical. Bought an rv and planned to travel the country and study Spanish – I met someone, retired and have been on the road ever since. Dreams do come true – I just didn’t know that I had this dream. Best of luck on your new book –
    Colleen F (one-half of the “Idols of American Youth”)