"technology changes"

What the heck, I liked Deb Schultz’s “Tech Changes” line so much, I went and made it into a cartoon. Thanks for the inspiration, Deb.
[Note To Self:] I hope she doesn’t sue me…


  1. OMG – I LOVE it [said in voice of 16 year fan obsessed teen girl]
    I could sue your thieving hand..:) but then where would we go for our bullshit detector!

  2. First thought that popped into my mind after reading the cartoon:
    Technology Changes, Humans Don’t:
    The Stepford Wives
    (The “damn” comment is every man I have ever known!)

  3. OMG! I just wrote about the same thing today on “sex sells” … Yes from Guttenberg Press to internet …

  4. Greetings Hugh & Deb
    I think this predates either of you but William Irwin Thompson ( he qualifies as OLD ) back in 1992 opined:
    “We slay with technology, and save them with art.”
    No mention of lawyers..