five things you don't know about me

1. I dislike you intensely.
2. I love it when bad things happen to you.
3. When your name is mentioned I immediately try to change the subject.
4. I wouldn’t read your blog if you paid me.
5. If we were trapped on a desert island together I would kill myself.
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  1. Techmeme features a rumour that a collection has started at Expedia’s tropical vacation section!

  2. Is it like some kind of pyramid scheme for A-List blogs?
    What we really want to know is their mother’s maiden name and the name of their first pet

  3. I got hit twice for five things….so I figured that I didn’t need to pass on the chain letter…they canceled each other out.

  4. like your picture,but my English is very poor,sometimes I spend a lot of time on reading your article ,luckly,just read slowly,I can understand your meaning ,thank god!

  5. 1. Thanks for keeping it to yourself.
    2. That must explain your mood.
    3. Much success with that?
    4. Don’t worry, I won’t.
    5. Save me the trouble? How considerate.

  6. You having a bad day? :)~
    We love you anyway. We may have to kill you out of kindness. But we love you anyway.

  7. Do you know you are the number one result on Google for the phrase “five things you don’t know about me”. Pretty cool. The nature of your response must have generated a lot of links…