Thanks, Brian, fot the lovely post. I hope you won’t begrudge me posting it here in its entirety:

How Does Your Global Microbrand Grow?
Take one savvy tailor in the UK. Niche the offering. Niche it again. Mix one manic, disaffected dreamer as marketing instigator. Fold one open-to-happenstance PR type in NYC. Drop crumbs along the way.
Yield one midnight reader/writer in Louisiana, who, against all odds, knows the value offered by said English tailor, who only a few months ago made the counter-intuitive move to take to the IntarWeb.
Flatearth? I’d call it NowTime.

The Hughtrain was all about advertising and branding. As I was holding down an advertising job when I wrote it, that’s not surprising.
“Post-Hughtrain” is slightly different. Post-Hughtrain is all about building what I call a “Global Microbrand”.
Three things things triggered this evolution.
1. The bitter emptiness and economic unfeasibility of being just one more semi-desperate marketing evangelist schmuck with a “new exciting” marketing schpiel needing to be sold to the usual aspiring-corpses-corporate-numpties. Snake Oil? Perhaps. I prefer Monosodium Glutame as the metaphor.
2. Working with English Cut, obviously.
3. A letter I wrote a couple of months back to Doc Searls. Hughtrain was all about “Smarter Conversations”. Post-Hughtrain is about “The Smartest Conversation”, which to me is what English Cut is all about. Go read the letter.