are you afraid to blog?

“Are you afraid to blog?” Great, great post by one of my favorite bloggers, Microsoft’s Robert Scoble, about the power of corporate blogging. One of the best articles I’ve read in months.

“OK, what are the reasons I should let my employees blog?”
Here’s my observations:
1) People don’t trust corporations. Especially big and successful ones like, um, Microsoft. Come on, be honest, none of you really trust us to do the right thing, do you? So, how do we show you that we’re trustworthy? We need to invite you deep inside our corporate structures and talk to you like human beings. It’s exactly why Channel 9 resonates with so many of you.
2) People don’t like talking to corporations. Again, be honest, if you saw a press release from a big company asking for you to provide feedback on something, would you? Hey, Microsoft has had “” for a long time. Even when I was a customer of Microsoft’s, I’d never send anything to that address. Why? I never thought anyone was listening. Do any of you feel any differently? Yet I get so much email now giving Microsoft feedback about our products that I can’t keep up (I’m four days behind).
3) That old “markets are conversations” thing. If you haven’t read the Cluetrain Manifesto, why not…?

If you don’t “get it” after reading it, you never will. Sorry.