gapingvoid makes the news!

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It was a big day in the media for Team Gapingvoid. Not only did the local CBS news do a story on us (see video above), we got a big write up in the Miami Herald’s business section (got picked up by Bloomberg Businessweek):

At face value, Gapingvoid is an art business. But it seeks to go deeper to address the communication issues that occur in companies where employees are often disconnected from the outcome of their work. The business consultants work individually with each business’s employees to produce art that best suits its needs. And clients are asked: Why do you do what you do?

“If you tell me what matters to you as a business and what you want people to believe in, we can put that up on the wall where every day, people know what’s expected,” {CEO Jason] Korman said.

He said that he and his staff talk to employees about the issues they have and then create a space that is conducive to talking about those issues.

The images on the wall create a conversation. Employees pass the images around, put them on their desks, talk to each other about the messages, and create a conduit to talk about subjects that are difficult to discuss.

Korman likened it to communication in a personal relationship. In the corporate equivalent of date night, neither employees nor the employer are talking at the dinner table. “We are kind of like there at the dinner table, feeding lines,” he said.

The goal: to help employees regain their passion and translate that into a better product, improving both the work environment and the business itself.

Great job from everybody, Gang. Nice to finally be getting some wide recognition on our home turf.

Yes, and notice how I said “Everybody”. gapingvoid started out as just my personal blog, now it employs over 10 people. Amazing…

And yes, we’re hiring. gapingvoid is growing like crazy at the momemt. If you live in Miami and think you have something valuable you could bring to the table, feel free to email: jobs AT gapingvoid dot com. Thanks.

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