Capitalism won’t be replaced with Socialism, but with something far more trippy

Everybody and their mother has been predicting the death of capitalism for the last couple of years, ever since the bankers screwed eveything up etc.

That might be true, it probably isn’t. But even if it capitalism were to bite the dust, it doesn’t mean socialism will take its place. I imagine something else would have to emerge instead, something that Marx or Lenin  could not possibly have foreseen.

This video explains the most likely scenario I’ve seen so far: Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things.

Basically, the entire economy will be Internet-connected: energy, logistics and information- and we’ll make our livings by plugging into it, somehow. i.e. The Internet Of Things. A triumpherate of computer coding, 3-D printing and renewable energy, as opposed to the broadcast, automobile and petroleum triumperate our parents grew up on.

Not sure where the average shmoe fits into this, or at least, the part where the average shmoe makes an OK living working nine to five in an office.

Maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe nobody does, except for a tiny elite at the top, with an obediant and effective military keeping public order. Game of Thrones, eat your heart out.

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