“How Designers Destroyed The World”

“”How Designers Destroyed The World” is a very inspiring Webstock keynote from the well-known web designer, Mike Monteiro, about design and personal reponsibility.

You are directly responsible for what you put into the world. Yet every day designers all over the world work on projects without giving any thought or consideration to the impact that work has on the world around them. This needs to change.

Mike tells the audience something that all designers (and anybody else who does anything creative for a living) already knows, deep down inside. That a meaningful and interesting career begins with love, courage, conviction and yes, ethics.

Sure, talent, brains and business acumen etc. is helpful as well… but you need the other stuff first.

The other thing Mike reminds us, is about how we spend our time. Are we using our blessings to solve a real problem, or are we just using them to build and market a dumbass, me-too phone app or Farmville clone?

Are we actually helping humanity, or are we just filling the world up with more crap?

Though there’s nothing really here that any smart designer hasn’t asked themselves before (any creative who makes an OK living deals with this crap every freakin’ day), rarely have I seen it expressed so well, so… angrily.

#MeaningfulBrands, take note…


  1. Like pinning a big fat navigation banner at the top of a web page and breaking page-down scrolling. Inconsequential but exemplary, IMHO.

  2. Simply reading text has me hooked. Such powerful words… Meaningful & interesting careers also begin with persistence… :)
    Must now listen in.

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